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Why Most People Fail in Paid ads and not in SEO

Why do most people fail when they start running ads?

Wow, what a depressing way to start off the article, right.

Instead of talking about how people are successful.

I am talking about failure.

That’s because I want to prepare you for what’s to come.

This journey we are about to go on is going to be really exciting, but it’s also going to be very frustrating if you don’t have the right person guiding you.

And here’s why.

Let’s say you want to start running Facebook ads.

Well, you don’t know how to do it, so you ask Facebook for help.

And what does Facebook say?

They tell you is going to be easy.

They take you to this page and welcome you to your ad campaign command center.

Sounds cool, right?

So you continue reading and see this one.

Oh, man.

I have to read all of this.

Where are the walk-through tutorials?

There are no pictures.

Where are the examples?

Facebook Ad Guide:

It reads to create a general manager.

Step one:
create your campaign from the main table in the ads manager select great to open the create a campaign window.

In this window, you select the basic settings for your new campaign and set an ad.

You can also use existing campaign assets or create new ones.

What is Facebook talking about?

What does the main table even look like?

What is it that said, this is your first time using their platform?

Why are they talking about existing campaigns?

It’s not user-friendly and not as easy as you thought right now.

Let’s say you want to start running YouTube ads.

Well, you don’t know how to do it.

So you ask Google, which owns YouTube for help.

And what do Google ads say?

They try to sound helpful by asking you, how can we help you?

So you typing something like this, how to run YouTube ads and you see this, create a video campaign, create your ads, one search for a video that you uploaded to YouTube or enter the video URL from YouTube.

Choose an eligible ad format.

Wait a minute.

This is confusing.

Google is talking to you as if you are familiar with your ad platform already, but you just started.

You don’t know anything about their platform.

OK, how about this link about YouTube at you?

Cricket and Google proceed to tell you the benefits of using YouTube ads.

Oh, come on, man.

You already know the benefits of YouTube ads.

That’s why you are trying to learn how to run these ads at the bottom of the page.

In the related links section, it says Create a video campaign.


Finally, we are getting somewhere.

You clicked it and you see a video.


Google made a video tutorial for us.

Oh, right.

We are really getting somewhere in Google’s intro video.

They talk about creating a campaign based on your campaign goals.

You see, identify your marketing objectives before creating your video campaign.

The marketing goals you select as you create your campaign will add to your campaign goal.

If your goal is read or website traffic, your campaign will drive quick and relevant conversation.

That sounds logical enough, right?

Even though Google didn’t show you how to set up your Google ads account.

Long story short, you figure it out all by yourself.

And since you want sales, you pick the sales campaign, go set up the campaign, and start spending ad dollars.

Five dollars per day.

Ten dollars fifty dollars a hundred.

Wait a minute.

Something is wrong.

You are spending tons of money but not getting enough sales.

Is it because we need to focus on getting these first, then I guess we should switch our focus and run an ad campaign.

So you start over and set up your campaign with a goal of getting these now five dollars, ten dollars, fifty thousand, one hundred dollars.

I spent far more than money is flowing out of your bank right into Google’s pockets.

But you are not getting enough leads or you are getting poor quality leads.

What’s going on?

Oh, that’s right.

Google forgot to mention one thing to you.

Their ad platform is a machine learning platform.

That means they can optimize your campaigns based on the data of your customers, people who have seen your ads clicked on it or converted.

But since your account is brand new with no data, Google has no idea how to optimize your campaign.

They are completely guessing in the dark.

That’s why selecting a campaign with the goal of getting sales or leads when your account is new is like flushing money down the toilet.

Now, you know, Google’s tutorials do not have your best interest in mind.

Their goal is to get you to spend as much money as possible on their platform.

Oh, well, better luck next time.

You can understand why I’m getting emotional, right?

That journey that we’ve just been on was me years ago.

I flushed literally thousands of dollars down the toilet when I started because the whole process of running ads is complicated.

If you don’t have the right person explaining things to you, why do most people fail when they start running ads?

Because if you are not careful, you will.

Lose so much money in the beginning that you just give up.

This is why the next article in our YouTube SEO adventure is for me to explain the simple math of running paid ads to you.

Once you understand that concept, you will be confident with yourself the next time you hang Google or Facebook.

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