Why HTTPS on Site is a Crucial Ranking Factor for 2021 and Beyond

Hey, guys today we are going to see how can HTTPS increase your site ranking.
As we all know that Google updates its algorithm each and every day.

but to see a significant change takes time and we all know that after a factor of time for some sites ranking increases and for some other sites the ranking decreases drastically from their current position.

It can be due to a lot of factors and to tackle it we have to be alert on each and every Google update so our site always updates and if you need to be alert on each important update on Google, don’t forget to subscribe to our email newsletter.
So today’s topic is HTTPS.

What is that HTTPS actually?

It stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure and maybe most of you were thinking:

“hey, how can an HTTPS protocol decrease the ranking of my site I don’t think so”.

That was the same thing I thought years back.

But always remember a site without HTTPS is always considered as and not a secured asset of the Internet.
So we can convey that a site without HTTPS is a liability for Google.

so if we have some liability what we do:

we just ignore it or we just tried to decrease it as much as possible.

so in this case the Google just decreases the current Google rankings of the site if the site doesn’t use HTTPS or hypertext transfer protocol in their site.

That’s all about the Google algorithm!

but what can a user think when they come to your site:

As we all know that when we enter inside a site without an HTTPS, there will be a triangular mark with that inside there will be an exclamation mark.

which denotes that a specific site does not be secure to enter your personal details even if we’re not in putting our personal details to many of that site we just go for some information.

but your IP address can be leaked in such situations.

so the thing is users also bounce back Faster when they see that not secure icon on their browser.

So as we all know a good domain name is important for a site.
But having HTTPS or an SSL certificate on the site is more important.
If you think in the technical part of HTTPS with HTTP:

The data passed through hypertext transfer protocol are not been passed through a secured channel and they are not encrypted.
So if our data is not encrypted anybody can read it through some external devices.

but if we use HTTPS instead:

our data and a user’s data will be protected and encrypted while transferring.


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