Why Google Updates Search Engine Ranking and How You Can Profit From It

Google, the giant internet search engine has been criticized on a number of occasions over the years for its heavy-handed approach to changing the ranking algorithms of websites.

If you go through their annual update circular it is not hard to see where Google has strayed away from its promise to provide a user-friendly experience on the search engine front.

With the Panda update, Google has not only changed its approach but also made a serious error of its promise.

Why Google updates search engine ranking













For a company such as Google to fall on its knee and apologize for its actions is quite unprecedented.

However, Google made an error of judgment when deciding to attempt and force a change to the ranking system. The company has now issued a statement retracting their previous statement which said that they would be making changes to their search engine ranking algorithm.

Although Google did not completely detail their reasoning behind the change, they admitted that their attempts at solving the ranking problem were met with limited success.

The new update is a drastic measure by Google and comes as a complete surprise to many people. A lot of webmasters who have been promoting their website for months will find themselves wondering why Google has now decided to drop the ball so completely.

They have now seemingly promised to fix the ranking issue but are unable to carry out this task. They say they will be coming back with another update soon but as yet we haven’t heard anything from them.

Google’s new update was met with both criticism and congratulations by many in the SEO industry. Some webmasters feel that Google has simply moved on from its original determination not to mess up the ranking system.

Others believe that the update was a direct consequence of the negative public relations they encountered over the summer which ultimately lead to their merger with Yahoo. Now that they are free to function without Yahoo they have determined that they need to fix the search engine rankings to appease their customers.

In my opinion, I think the reason Google has made this move is because they realized that their competitors are hell-bent on undermining their attempts to gain a firm foothold in the mindshare. It is true that they have faced plenty of criticism over the way they update their algorithms and it has certainly hurt their reputation.

However, by providing more detailed information about their update in their own blog post and in separate articles, it has shown their commitment to continuing to improve their ranking system.

This has reassured nervous shareholders but also caused many to speculate that perhaps Google is no longer just interested in becoming the number one search engine. Perhaps they are looking to become the number one search engine for every person on the planet!

Whatever the reason behind Google’s latest move, the changes have had a huge knock-on effect on many SEO companies around the world. Whilst some have managed to adapt their websites quickly enough to take advantage of the update, others have not.

In order to keep their ranking high, SEOs must continue to work on improving their client’s websites. The sad thing is that although their clients may have been affected by the update, the impact on their ranking wasn’t as great as it was on other websites.

This is because they were working on ranking problems on other sites before Google released their update. By applying the fixes they have introduced to their search engine ranking algorithm, they have created a better environment in which their competitors will thrive.

Whilst this is good news for most SEO companies, it isn’t so good for those SEO companies who are experiencing ranking problems right now. They can ill afford to let their ranking slip just because Google didn’t want to acknowledge their part in the problem.

You will probably find that your competitors are currently suffering from a variety of ranking problems including Google indexing and duplicate content. If you’re in this situation then you should act fast to ensure that your ranking doesn’t suffer because of the update. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure that your SEO firm has a good keyword tool in place.

Having a tool like this will allow you to identify profitable keywords that your customers are searching for. Once you have identified these keywords, you should focus all of your attention on driving targeted traffic to your site to promote them.

Why Is Google Algorithm Changing?


When you ask most Internet Marketers why Google algorithm changes are important, you will almost always hear the same answer. “because it makes Google money.”

That’s like saying that because we have a telephone everyone can use the phone. The reality is that Google has made the computer industry much smaller.

Because Google has monopoly control of the search market, they have made the competition so intense that webmasters now must work very hard to be found in the search engines.

That’s just one reason why Google has become so successful. But there’s another critical reason that they have become so successful. The reason why Google is so successful is that it can make money from so many different elements of its business. There are hundreds of different ways they can make money.

But the one thing that they do very well is driving traffic to their sites. Once they get traffic to their site, they can do multiple things. They can test new ideas to see if they will work, and they can do new advertising methods to get people to stop their ineffective ads on their sites. They can even sell their advertising to people who don’t want to click on those ads.

It’s the basic business of marketing. So when they change their algorithm, that changes everything. That’s why it’s so important to understand how an algorithm change could benefit your site.

The two major changes that have affected SEO recently have been Panda and Penguin. They were both fairly large changes. The only real difference between the two was the search engine ranking.

The ranking thing is important because it determines which content and sites are actually seen by a human visitor. So a lot of your competition will get a huge boost from a big change like that. But it’s not the only thing that matters.

The newest algorithm updates also gave a few other benefits to a few other sites. This means that your website will benefit as well.

So just what changes would affect you? Google has two algorithm updates, and they’re currently thinking about another big change that they’ll roll out in the future.

So this means that if you own any type of website, you need to know what these updates mean for your page today and in the future.

If you’re wondering how big of a change this could be, well, let’s put it this way. If you have ten pages and one of them gets a change that brings it up in the rankings, and three others get a decrease, then the total change could be twenty times what you had before.

Now that doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you think about the many thousands of websites on the web, you’ll start to see how much traffic each individual page of your site gets.

So imagine if you had twenty individual pages with no traffic, and all of those got a chance. Do you think that you’d get a lot more traffic as a result?

Google loves changes, especially if they can make them look good for their audience. That’s how they get traffic and make the most profit. If you really want to know what the change is, Google tells you in the results section.

If you go to Google right now, you can click on “why are google changing my ranking”, and you’ll get all the information you need. It’s easy to follow and it will make a lot more sense to you soon. Are you ready?

Google made a change in May called “Google Panda” which affected every single website that had over one hundred pages.

That’s a lot of pages! And it was only one chance, so a lot of people probably didn’t experience it. But because this was a very popular algorithm, it was probably affected by the change.

The third major algorithm change that Google has made to their ranking system is called “Google Penguin”. This algorithm change, or rather Update, reduced the quality score that websites receive from the search engines.

This update essentially made it harder for websites to gain a high PR but instead rewarded those with high-quality content.

So, based upon that information it would seem that we could say that Google Panda and Google Penguin are related.

In fact, Google even published an article saying so! And just a few days ago, the official stance on the two changes was released. So we could say that the two updates have been related in some way or another. Or maybe not. It’s hard to say.

Let’s Wrap Up

Google Algorithm Updates Is Important For Every Online Business because if you’re not on the lookout for the latest update and comment of Google about the latest updates on a website and internet marketing plan then you could face the very competitive digital world battle.

You see, Google has overtaken everyone else in the search engine game and that makes them the number one search engine company today. They are coming out with fresh and smart ideas on a constant basis to keep their users and business owners happy.

However, when it comes to online marketing plans, they change them frequently. So, it’s very important to stay on top of Google’s changes and updates.

Google algorithm updates are important


So what are these updates that are so important for your business? Well, the most important thing Google has done recently is to make Google local content highly important. This means that a Google website’s design would differ from one online portal to another.

In addition to that Google has devalued the importance of a site’s link to other sites. Therefore, Google algorithm updates are important to an online portal’s SEO plan and therefore important to your online portal’s traffic as well.

The Google website algorithm changes that are coming are going to be great for high quality, relevant traffic. But, the real question is that is it going to be enough? Will you be able to rank well for those high-quality keywords or are you simply going to get trapped into the Google trap, where you will spend a lot of money and not get the targeted traffic you need?

To break Google’s vicious cycle of targeting poor-quality sites with irrelevant backlinks and high-quality sites with high-quality links, you need to have a high-quality inbound link-building strategy.

There are two types of link-building strategies. One is a long tail strategy and the other is an inbound link building strategy. If your website is a long tail one, then it makes sense to focus on getting as many quality one-way backlinks as possible.

On the other hand, if your business revolves around providing your customers with outstanding customer service and value-added online activities, then you should have an inbound link strategy that targets the specific area of interest for your visitors.

Both of these strategies are useful to a high-quality website but for your online business to really take off, you need to invest in a high-quality linking partner.

So what kind of high-quality link partners can you get? The first one is a blog. Most people who visit a blog are looking for more information and don’t like to click on a web link just to get back to the homepage. Because of that, blogs are some of the best sources of getting inbound links for your site.

Blogs are also great because they are usually maintained by individuals who are passionate about their topics. This means that the content you will be linked to will be relevant and up to date.

The last thing you want is to be linked to an old page that has been around for five years! Another reason why blogs are so good for link building is that it’s easy to add comments and interact with others.

This makes it a perfect place for you to share your link with others in the business. Once, your readers like what you have to say, they are likely to tell others about your blog as well.

Forums are also fantastic places to build relationships and spread the word about your business. You have to remember that people in the forums may not be as likely to link to your website.

However, what they are more likely to do is create a comment about your website. This is not only a high-quality link but it’s also likely to encourage others to link to you as well. Link-building forums are a great place to start.

Google is changing the way that they rank websites, which means that it’s important that you understand the impact that this change will have on link building. Even though Google doesn’t mention it, forums and blogs are being affected by the changes to the ranking system.

It’s important that you understand how the Google algorithm works, and what the effect could be. By knowing this, you’ll be able to take steps to make sure that your website gets ranked high in the search results.

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