Why Does The Number Of Backlinks On My Site Doesn’t Matter?

The number of backlinks on your site does not matter if your page rank is not high enough. Many website owners believe that the number of backlinks on their sites affects the page rank of the site.

In fact, it does not. Page rank is only one aspect of Google SEO or searches engine optimization.

The other aspects of SEO are the number of links, how many internal and external links exist on the site, where the site is located in Google’s index, and last but not least the quality of the content.

number of backlinks on your site doesnt matter

If you have a high page rank, you will have more chances to attract potential customers. This means that the number of backlinks on your site does not matter.

However, this does not mean that you should ignore backlinks because they will eventually help your site improve its page rank. You just have to do the right link-building strategy so that you can make the most out of your backlinks.

To start with, do not create link farms. Link farms are sites that point to one another.

Usually, these sites do not have any relevant information on them. When people click on these sites, they are taken to the affiliate marketers’ site.

The problem with this approach is that these sites usually do not last very long, and affiliate marketers lose all the links pointing to their site.

Instead, what you should do is create content on your own site that is relevant to the topic of your backlink farm. If your site is about running, you could create a page full of tips about running.

If your site is about building sheds, you could create a page with shed-building strategies. This way, when people click on one of these pages linking to your site, they are taken to your website.

Another thing that you should do is make sure that your backlinking strategy actually works. If you have hundreds of backlinks coming into your site from a variety of different sites, it doesn’t mean that yours is a good page or site.

If it looks like a spam site, it will probably be seen as such. That’s why it’s important that you research the number of backlinks that you have, and use a special software program to examine it.

One thing that you can do is visit competitor websites. Find out what pages they have backlinks on, and see what their page rank is. After looking at the page rank of several of your competitors, you can figure out how many backlinks you need to have in order to rank on the same page.

In some cases, having a high page rank means having many more backlinks. Having a number of backlinks, however, doesn’t mean anything if your page isn’t seen by visitors.

Another way that you can increase the number of backlinks on your site is by writing articles and submitting them to the right directories.

By doing this, people can find your site through the articles, and they will click the link if you have placed a hyperlink inside the article.

These backlinks are what you want to get ranked higher up in search engines. However, keep in mind that there are rules and regulations regarding the number of backlinks that you can have on your page.

A reputable article directory may have restrictions on the number of backlinks that you can have.

The number of backlinks on your site does not matter if you’re unable to get ranked on the first page of a search engine. You will, however, increase the amount of traffic that you get to your site.

In order for your site to remain popular, you need to create backlinks within your niche. This will help your site to stay relevant to the topic, and it will also make you look like you’re an authority on your topic.

Does Backlink Building Matter?

number of backlinks on your site doesnt matter

“How many backlinks on my website do not matter” is a common complaint made by beginner SEO (search engine optimization) enthusiasts.

They believe that the number of backlinks on their site doesn’t matter at all since Google is the only search engine that matters.

In other words, if Google likes your site then it will automatically increase the number of backlinks on your site.

This may not be true depending on the quality and volume of your website content and links. If you want to succeed with your SEO efforts you need to learn how Google works.

First of all, it is important to realize that the number of backlinks on your site does not have anything to do with the quality of your website content or traffic.

Google views your backlinks as votes for your site in the Google rankings. The more quality links you have, the more the search engines view you as an authority site.

The higher you are ranked, the more traffic and sales that you will receive from your site.

The number of backlinks on your site does not have anything to do with the amount of traffic it receives either. If you submit articles to major directories and you include backlinks in these articles, Google still will not necessarily view your site in the SERPs.

Article marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your website and increase your traffic volume. However, it can take months before your articles get published and indexed in the search engines.

This means that although your backlinks may help your ranking in the initial months after submission, they may have little or no effect in the future.

Googlebot is designed to visit only quality pages. When you create a page with poor content, Googlebot will not view it as relevant to its theme or topic. If your main goal is to attract traffic to your site, you will want to focus on providing good quality content to your site and include lots of backlinks on it.

As you write more articles, the number of backlinks on your site does not become a priority. Eventually, your article will appear on many other sites which will add to the total number of backlinks on your site.

It is easy to create many links on your site, but you will need to be patient. You should not expect the search engines to suddenly spider your site and index all of your backlinks.

In fact, if your backlinks are not relevant to the theme of your site, the search engines will not index them. This means that although you can create lots of backlinks, they will not help your ranking at a high level.

Some sites have experienced a surge in traffic because of the number of backlinks they had. However, their rankings on Google and other search engines have been affected since the backlinks were not relevant to their theme.

If the pages linking to your site have keywords in common with your own content, but they are unrelated to your site, the search engines will not consider their backlinks.

This means that although you can get free traffic from these pages, you are not likely to enjoy a high ranking on Google or any other search engine for that matter.

You should also keep in mind that although you can increase the number of backlinks on your site, it does not mean that you will get a better ranking from the search engines.

There are two factors involved.

  • The first is the volume of incoming links, which can be improved by using text links and anchor texts.
  • The second factor is relevancy, and you can be assured that your backlinks will still be counted as relevant even if the anchor text used in the backlink is something unrelated to the content of your site.

It is true that backlinks play an important role in the success of your site. However, this does not mean that you should ignore other forms of traffic when you are building your SEO profile.

If you have a well-written website and you include useful information in your posts, you will soon find that your traffic continues to grow because people are finding your site useful even if they did not link to you directly.

Of course, the key to getting targeted traffic is to build as many quality links as possible, but this should not be done at the expense of the quality of your actual traffic.


When you have a website, the number of backlinks on your site doesn’t matter.

It’s just another number to add to your site’s statistics. But you should care if you have a lot of backlinks because you will get more traffic and you will rank better in search engines.

That’s how important it is to have backlinks pointing to your site.

Google likes websites that contain relevant content. This is why links are so important. Search engines look at backlinks and the sites themselves and determine how popular they are.

They also take into account how many times the keywords are used on that particular page. If the page has many relevant backlinks from other websites, then this is a good indicator that other people think your site is worth visiting.

This is why it is important to build up the number of backlinks on your site. You want as many links pointing at your site as possible.

If the number of backlinks on your site is low, it may be that your site isn’t that popular. It may even mean that other sites are stealing your backlinks!

There are many ways to increase the number of backlinks on your site. The most effective way is to have your links placed on other sites that are related to your own.

You will want to make sure the content of the backlink is relevant to the page where the backlink is placed. This is very important.

If the page the backlink is placed on has no content at all, the backlink will not be as valuable to the search engines. This may hurt your site’s ranking.

Another way to get a lot of backlinks on your site is to make sure your backlink destination is popular. A popular destination will be indexed more often by the search engines.

This means your backlink will show up more often. The search engine will also view your backlink as being more relevant to the topic of your site. This will improve its rankings.

While the number of backlinks on your site doesn’t matter if the sites are irrelevant to each other, it does matter if the sites are both of high quality.

Search engines will also give higher rankings to sites that are built solidly and consistently. These sites will have a higher page ranking and will get more traffic.

When you decide to build backlinks, consider only those that are related to your niche. Creating backlinks for unrelated items could be a waste of time.

It may be useful to look at the number of searches performed for your target keywords. If they are many, and your target keyword isn’t one of them, creating the backlink for that unrelated item may not help you.

While the number of backlinks on your site doesn’t matter if the site is irrelevant to you, it may help your business. The search engine will value your links as credible evidence that you care about your business.

With high-quality backlinks, you’ll get more visitors to your site and get better search engine placement.

You’ll get a better page rank and may generate more sales. Make sure your backlinks follow the anchor text on your pages to ensure quality and relevancy.

If you have questions about the effectiveness of backlinks, you can ask others who may have a good experience. If you’re uncertain how to create effective backlinks, hire someone to do it for you.

A professional SEO consultant can provide valuable advice and tips. Be sure that your consultant uses white hat techniques to get the best results for your site. While this method may take longer, you’ll likely find it more worthwhile in the long run.

If you’re getting a large number of backlinks on your site, you can also ask your link builder for a custom package. Some web services offer packages designed to meet all your needs. These services may include the creation of custom logos for your site.

They may also make your site easy to maintain and grow through the use of RSS feeds. This makes your site easy to update, which keeps it relevant and increases its chances of increasing page ranking and search engine placement.

The more backlinks you have, the more relevant your site is to the keywords used in searching. Incoming links from credible sources with high search engine rankings are the most beneficial.

In order to build backlinks, you must spend time and energy doing what’s best for your business. Search engine optimization takes time to master.

For immediate results, hire a reputable SEO link-building service to give your site the boost it needs.

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