Web Hosting – A Guide For Beginners

Are you a newbie looking for the ideal web hosting service for your business? Perhaps you’re looking to learn between the ropes so you’ll make a more informed choice, then you’re in luck.

In this article, we will outline all you need to know about web hosting as a beginner, so you’ll know just what to consider. Sounds good?

Well, before we dive into all that, what’s web hosting about, and how do you go about it?

Web hosting involves imploring the use of a high-powered server to provide bandwidth and space for websites connected to that server at high speed.

The server in question typically shares this connection from a data center location, which the hosting company manages.

These data centers are equipped with a solid internet connection, primary and backup power supply, and security.

Users using web hosting companies are allocated disk space, bandwidth, and other ads-on at a monthly fee.

Once you’re a registered user with a web hosting company, you can easily upload files that will be viewable to anyone with an interested person online.

The fees from web hosting companies are less expensive when compared to running a personal server from your home or workplace.

This budget-friendliness is why these web hosting companies exist in the first place, plus they help you take care of the software, hardware, and other technicalities.

Types of Web Hosting

There are a handful of web hosting options to pick from, but the primary ones are shared web hosting, reseller, and dedicated. They are tailored for different websites or business needs.

Shared Web Hosting

This is the most common type of web hosting used by individuals and businesses. In this hosting service, your website is allocated disk space and bandwidth from the server.

As the name implies, you’re not the only one using the server, so resources are being shared among numerous websites using the server.

If you’re a small business or an entrepreneur looking to cut less on expenses, this is the best hosting option for you.

Reseller Web Hosting

If what you’re looking for is a low-cost option for your business, then you might as well want to consider reseller web hosting. There are two categories of reseller web hosting – reseller of services and private label.

Private label is the best option for businesses that wants complete control to manage their clients’ website. Another cut-edge advantage of private label is that you can retain the hosting payment monthly. That’s quite a good catch.

Nevertheless, you’ll always have to pay monthly charges to a larger hosting company to retain your reseller space. Now, you might want to ask, this all I get?

Not at all, because this hosting service can host more websites when compared to shared hosting. If you’re interested in hosting a different website from a specific location, this package is an excellent choice.

On the flip side, a reseller of service involves selling web hosting plans owned by a hosting company to a client at a lower rate and making a monthly fee from it as long as that client remains a customer.

However, you have to understand that you have no access to your client’s website and what you gain is small monthly revenue.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting is the most cost-effective way to host a website with a large pool of audience where you won’t have to spend loads of cash on high-speed internet.

When you opt in to this hosting package, you get a server all to yourself that you won’t have to share with any other website.

What You Need to consider for web hosting

This section will outline some important factors you need to keep in check before choosing the web host package for your business.


One critical factor you will have to keep in mind when selecting a web hosting service for your business is the cost. Yeah, we have some web hosting services that are very affordable. But, you have to know that you get what you pay for because those providers have their drawbacks.

It would help if you went with a webhosting service that offers you decent features at a reasonable price. However, good web hosting doesn’t have to be very expensive.

Disk Space

The disk space provided by a web host determines the amount of storage space allocated to your website.

You can get this disk space in either gigabytes or megabytes. It depends on the hosting provider you use.

The disk space allocated to you usually is tailored to your business needs, so you may get more or less.


The bandwidth available to your website can make a huge difference when it comes to web hosting.

As the adage goes, the more you get, the better. That is the idea of getting more bandwidth. The bandwidth will help you support the traffic directed towards your website as your business grows.

Customer Service

Customer service is an important factor to consider in every industry because it determines how you’ll use the service in the long haul.

The web hosting service you decide to use must be accessible in customer support so you won’t be in the dark when issues arise. Choosing a web host that offers round-the-clock support is the key.

Guaranteed Refund

A lot of webhosting providers out there offer a third-party refund just in case you’re not satisfied with the result you’re getting. It would help if you also put this into consideration when you want to use a hosting service.

Operating System

If you want a sleek experience using a specific web host, you should consider their operating system because it determines how you can interact with the hardware.

Most web hosting providers use the Linux operating system because it is more stable than Windows operating system. You will agree that stability is essential for a website, which is why you need to consider this.


A good web hosting option or provider should have a backup plan for the website using its servers. It is essential to backup files, and that’s why your web host should provide regular backup.

Control Panel

A control panel happens to be an internet-based interface provided by a web host so that businesses or users can manage their servers to an extent.

You have to ensure that your web hosting provider offers a simple-to-use control panel.


When your web host provides a file transfer protocol, you can easily publish on the internet. With it, you can upload, delete, rename, download, move and even copy files.


One of the keys to excellent communication on the internet is through emails. As a result, some web hosting providers get multiple email accounts, while others provided limited email accounts.


It is a location you store data so that you can easily access them. For example, you use a database for product catalogs, shopping carts, etc.

If you’re provided an extensive database, it means you can install more apps without any problem.


Yeah, we understand that there are tons of web hosting providers out there, which is why we have tailored this article so you can make a more informed choice.

Choosing the right web hosting for your needs is super essential, and we believe this article should make you more informed, so you don’t make a wrong choice.

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