Types of Web Hosting Services

Before deciding on the best webhosting option for your business, you must clearly understand the webhosting options on the table.

Different websites have different needs, which is why it’s important that the webhosting you decide to use meets the needs of your business and not otherwise.

Now, this article is tailored to walk you through the webhosting options available so you’ll know just the right category for your business.

Let’s get to it!

Free Web Hosting

If you’re looking for web hosting that comes free, you might want to try free web hosting, but the catch is it’s not entirely free.

Why? Free web hosting means you get limited features like bandwidth, storage space, among others. It’s a great option for a small website designed to share information with a small group.

Nevertheless, this is not an ideal choice if you’re looking to provide your users a friendlier user interface with very low downtime.

Shared Web Hosting 

In shared hosting, different websites use a single server to meet their needs. Therefore, the number of websites using shared web hosting depends on the companies’ requirements, cost, hardware, etc.

If you run a small business website or a personal website, this can be a great option for you to key into because it’s reliable.

Nevertheless, you must understand that the speed, quality, and cost of shared web hosting differs from host to host, so you might want to do so research to play it safe.

It possible you own a website that might require more resources like CPU time, bandwidth, space, etc. If that’s the case, shared web hosting is not the best for you.

Reseller Web Hosting

You probably haven’t heard of this type of web hosting before. That is because it’s not common, like free web hosting and shared web hosting.

Regardless of that fact, Reseller web hosting offers the small business owner a hosting platform. If you host clients’ websites often, this is perhaps the best web hosting for you.

There are not many differences between shared web hosting and reseller web hosting. The only difference is seen in the size of both hosting parties.

For example, large hosting companies like HostMoster and Bluehost are larger versions of this web hosting type.

Virtual Dedicated Server

There is no difference between VDS web hosting from shared hosting except how the resources are allocated. In virtual dedicated servers, each website is given a specific amount of bandwidth and CPU power.

Besides that, when you use a virtual dedicated server, you get “root,” which you can use to access the virtual machine. With this, you get more control over the system and that of the operating system.

Dedicated Hosting Service

If you want a server all to yourself, then a dedicated hosting service is the option. With this type of web hosting option, you get total control of the server.

Dedicated hosting service falls into two categories – Managed and Unmanaged. When you’re using a managed hosting, you get support and plans tailored to assist you in managing the server.

On the flip side, in unmanaged dedicated web hosting, all responsibility falls on the client’s shoulders, and it’s more budget-friendly in most cases.

Regardless of the type you decide to go with. You will get more control of your servers, including options from mail programs to FTP service.

Dedicated Web hosting is an option that’s best suited for big enterprises because it’s more expensive compared to other web hosting options.

Colocation Web Hosting Service

You’re most likely going to confuse colocation web hosting with dedicated hosting service because they aren’t much of a difference.

The hosting center provides the client with power, physical space, and connection because, in this type, you fully own the server.

Grid Hosting

This is more like a server cluster that acts like a grid that consists of various nodes.

Home Server

Perhaps you’re looking to control your server from your workplace or your own. Then, you might want to consider this option. It’s similar to colocation web hosting, excluding the expensive facilities like backup power, industrial cooling system, etc.

What’s The Best Hosting Option to Choose?

The best hosting option depends on the scale of business you’re operating. If you run a small business, it’s ideal that you choose shared web hosting because it would give your business all the decent features it needs at a budget-friendly price.

But, if we’re dealing with a large enterprise, then the best hosting option would be managed dedicated web hosting.

In conclusion, we believe this article gives a clear picture about the different kinds of hosting web services so you’ll be more informed.


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