Advanced offer sequence

The Advanced Offer Sequence Guide For List Building SEO Experts

At this point in our email marketing adventure, you can start separating the beginners from the advanced marketers, that beginners feel that they are done, they are lead magnet sequence that sent the alarm up sequence is set.

And now they just start blasting the same offer to their list over and over again.

And if the list doesn’t, by then, they give up.

Like I said before, sending emails is like dating.

Let’s say we struck up a conversation about movies and you become interested.

So we arranged to go on a date.

I come by your home, ring the doorbell, you answer and we go watch a movie.

The next day I ring the doorbell again.

And when you open up, I ask, Hey, want to watch a movie?

And you’re like, Yes.

Then we proceed to go on our second date.

On the third day, I ring the doorbell.

And when you answer, I say the same thing.

I want to watch a movie.

You make up an excuse why you can’t make it and slam the door in my face.

And the fourth day when I ring the doorbell, you don’t even answer the door.


Just what’s wrong with this guy?

Doesn’t he have any other hobbies?

Doesn’t he have anything else to offer you?

And that is the mistake that beginners make just because someone signs up to your email list because let’s say they want your leave by about Dietze.

They don’t want only diet offers from now to the end of time.

They are human beings.

They have other interests, too.

They don’t want to go on the same date over and over again.

That is why one of our first steps into Vann’s email marketing is to vary our products and offers to keep from sounding like a broken record.

Now is your chance to sell products in similar niches and engage your audience’s interests.

Here’s an interesting scenario.

Have you ever sign up for someone’s list?

And then they say that they have something to give you.

They provide a link to where it is and ask you to cricket your cricket and arrive at the landing page telling you if you want the item, you have to enter your email address.


You already have my email address.

Why are you asking for it again?

Because of Vann’s email marketing on advanced offer sequence.

That’s why they want to filter the list even further by interest, by signing up again to receive the item excuse me, to receive the new lead magnet.

You are being placed in a brand new list where they can send you new automated offers.

Now, you are on two of their lists.

That’s why beginners have one or two lists and events.

Marketers have ten, twenty, thirty lists, all separated by lead magnet interests and engagement activity.

Don’t be overwhelmed.

We will take a step by step in this event and use the advanced offer sequence.

Offer a sequence section.

We will start offering new and related products in similar initiatives to our list to see if they are interested and if they are interested.

They will no doubt sign up and that’s when our autoresponder will be triggered to send them automated sales emails on our behalf.

Again, cool, right?

OK, the three most popular and profitable offer sequences used today are the webinar offer sequence,

which is used to sell a product in the five hundred to two thousand price range.

The online course offer sequence, which is around the two hundred fifty dollar price range, and the flash sale offer sequence around the one hundred dollar range.

Just like before.

Each template will come with a video explaining how the template works and why it works.

Before these three advanced offers sequences, I did something special for you.

I made an extra episode explaining the persuasion secrets using these templates.

Once you understand not just why the copywriting works, why the format works, but also why the psychology works to persuade your customers to take action, you will be at the top of your game.

You will be able to create your own templates and take over the world because you truly understand what makes people buy exciting stuff, right?

I’m getting goosebumps just talking about it.

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