How to get Citations and Brand Mentions For SEO

When you’re beginning to think about how to make your website rank higher, you have a few options like link building, which is very difficult.

And some easier options like brand mentions and citations.

In this article, I’m going to explain to you about brand mentions and citations, which are actually the first and easier things you can do to get outside mentions, external mentions of your site.

So this is a blog post of mine.

It doesn’t matter what it’s about.

The only thing I want to share with you is an example of a brand mentioned you see in the paragraph.

Which says, Learning from Altium and then I linked to this altium .

And why its better than circuit studio, you see our circuit studio is not linked, but it’s certainly a brand mentioned.

It’s a very specific, unique brand online.

Even eagle, when mentioned in a certain context with certain keywords around it that are industry keywords.

Probably there’s only one brand name eagle for that.

So if you have a unique brand name like circuit studio or eagle.

There’s nobody else named that way or even our Web site,

It’s unique than even brand mentions.

They are the easiest things to get, the simplest things to get because people don’t have to link to you.

But Google begins to put your Web site on their radar.

It’s a tiny, tiny trust signal.

And so in this content, we’re after the tiny trust signals that are very easy and doable.

So that’s a brand mentioned.

Now, what’s a citation?

A citation can be a link from basic social media sites, for example.

Take an example of a Twitter profile.

And you see you get to put your Web site on there.

Google understands that anyone can put their own link and link into their own site.

There’s no brain there.

It’s not that hard to do.

It doesn’t build that much trust, but it builds a little bit of trust.

But what’s also important is the activity of the social account.

If this account had no tweets, no followers, no activity, then of course it will be less impactful.

It would help my Web site rankless.

But it’s a real account.

Even if you don’t have a million followers, but  have some followers and use it sometimes.

So this link is worth slightly more.

And you said you also put links to your books and courses in bio.

And when you actually use this profile as a real user, when you make some posts, you can actually link to your Web site as well.

Those are also social media citations now.

Citations again.

They’re not that impactful and powerful, but they’ll help a little bit.

And you just have to keep doing it regularly and a lot.

It’s very easy to do.

Now, that’s Twitter.

Let’s take a look at Facebook.

On Facebook, you can register a business page.

So you can see in the about section on the left side , you can add your link.

You see a link to your Web site right here.

So I’m reiterating the brand.

And I also see put that little link of my Web site in the little about blurb and everywhere else I could see.

And so I made a list for you of citations you can build on day one.

It’s here.

Let’s go through it on social media.

You can create a Facebook page, a Facebook group that’s public so that Google can crawl it.

And on your personal Facebook profile, if your personal profile is not private, then you can add as your employment link or,  your current job link to your website.

Also, create accounts on all of these social networks, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, tick tock and things like tick tock.

They always change.

But right now, when I write this article, I checked and you can put a link in the bio.

You can’t hyperlink it, but you can at least mention it in your about.

So that’s what you do.

You can create a Quora listing.

And certainly, create a YouTube channel for your business.

You don’t have to have a lot of videos, but certainly, at least in your live channel, there will be a link in there about Section two, your Web site.

And then there’s this local citation.

Now, let me explain what that means.

Traditionally, citations have been associated with local businesses like let’s say you’re a local cleaner.

Then, of course, you would want to be listed locally and there’s all kinds of local directories.

What I would recommend is even if you have a global business, a Web site, you can add your business to all of these local listing sites,,,

These are general directories for the most part.

Are they going to give you a lot of lift for your Web site?

They will give you a tiny, tiny boost.


On day one, which is exactly what more sites on day one.

That’s exactly what they need.

And if you’re not a local Web site, you can still.

Provide maybe some home address or something like that in none of these.

You have to make your address public to the general public.

It can be private, but at least you can create a business listing with your link to your Web site.

So you’ll start to have all these activities from all of these major, sites.

And that will be the boost that you can have on day one.

Maybe you don’t plan to use Pinterest, but the ones you do plan to use, maybe your LinkedIn is important to try to make an effort to not just create a profile and leave it dormant, but maybe at least once a month post something so that you have a little bit of life to an account.

And that will translate positively to the impact of your citation.

Now, are you going to get clients from these?

Most likely not.

This is not for that.

This is just for giving you that slight little early boost for SEO for your Web site.

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