How 404 Pages Affect your Site SEO

The 404 page is a staple of the Internet a forum for the page is also known as an error page or a page not found that affects Google’s ranking. This page indicates that a user reached a domain they requested but the URL Park provided no information. So while 404 pages are bad for SEO 404 pages are bad for two main reasons. Number one they result in a poor user experience. If someone searches for blue T-shirts and they find a website in the Google search results they then click over to a Web site to only find that page is gone or let’s face it they’re not going to be happy. Number two wasted link juice. If popular. So if you had a popular piece of content on your Web site and it attracted tons of links and then you go and delete that page a.k.a. it’s a 404 page you’re actually wasting all that link. Do you have to that web page? So as you already know from watching my internal Lincoln video in the on-page SEO section of the course linked you to is a massive element and helps you write in Google. If you find you have four or four pages on your website which in the past were popular pieces of the content and as a result have a lot of backlinks. The best thing to do is to Freo and redirect them to the most relevant page which I’m going to show you how to do in the next article. But before that let’s head over to Google Search Console and I’ll show you how you can find all your four pages in the first place. So as you can see I’m on a search console for clicks livestock credit UK which is our agency site and if you want to find all your four or four pages you simply. Go to coverage on the index and give this a click and then scroll down and as you will see we have submitted U.R.L. seemed to be a soft or four. So if you have any four or four pages that going to be listed here on the coverage tab on the index and as you can see if we scroll down right here Google was actually listed out that exact page. which is a forum for which by the looks of it seems to be a checkout transaction-filled page. So nothing too important. However, what I’m going to do is open this in a new tab and just look at the page just to make sure there’s nothing missing. And as you can see this is a 404 page your transaction failed. Please try again or contact the site simpler. So if this web page did actually have lots of bad things go into it and it was a popular piece of content in the past then what do I want to check out. How many battling this page has which I can do by copying it and go no was eight drafts. However, as if a page like this checkout transaction failed I already know this page has no backlinks. And it also has no SEO benefit. So as a result there’s not that much benefit of redirect and in the first place. This page also wouldn’t be a bad user experience as someone is not going to find this page in Google. However on your Web site if you find you have a 44 page which in the past was extremely popular and it does have about things after checking in 88 drafts then you can simply move on to a free one.

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